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Greetings and Welcome to the beginning of a New Level Mindset. You will find that what is absorbed and encountered here is from more than just the thoughts of one person, but a collection of thoughts whose connections are aligned with one purpose … Knowing


I was an imaginative child, and can recall the sense of adventure and exploration that occupied much of my mind.

Thoughts that would be part of shaping me toward the journey of a lifetime. Like many of the stories I have heard from others though, I found the reality of life experiences did not align with any childlike imagination or desires.

My life choices left me feeling more wanting than satisfied. With this sense of wanting and hungering for more, I continued to desire more of what I did not have, and searched for the answers in ways that brought me to places that continued to leave me even further from knowing anything with certainty.

These explorations created unintended consequences of pain and suffering for myself, and those whose lives were connected with mine. As I persisted, I continued suffering and causing suffering around me.

This was no way of being, and certainly not a way of living.

I needed to change.

I know there are many who can relate to the endless cycle of suffering and defeat that I have described here, and also the resolve and strong desire to find a better way.

The conflicted feeling of hoping and fearing the worst.

Fearing there was not a way forward with any certainty, and neither was just continuing to not know and hoping in futility.

I kept moving blindly forward, grasping at truth, groping around like a blind man in the dark.

The desire to know certainty of purpose, and remain connected with the source of all, was alive in me, and I continued the journey of life.

I desired to change.

Transformation has not always been immediate, and the time it takes to renew my thinking is a process.

The key to having both is persistence.

What began with an earnest, burning desire to change, is continuing to light my path, and reminds me of the childlike imagination that ignited my life journey.

The exploration of life is a new beginning with each passing moment. There is so much to learn, experience, and grow from.

I Am Changed.


I have often thought about the story of the person who was on the rooftop while the flood waters continued to rise.

The prayer for help is heard, and the rescue boat arrives.

The almost drowning person waves off the would be rescuers with “Thanks, but I got this, there is help on the way”.

Have you ever noticed anyone who really desired to find their own way without help, and yet were looking for help at the same time?

Who has ever offered a solution to someone asking for help, and watched them swiftly wave you off, and try something else on their own?

We are built that way it seems.

Each of us are on our own journey, seeking out truth and purpose.

I truly believe there is a spiritual answer for every problem, and the answer we are looking for has been within each of us from the beginning.

There is an inescapable truth waiting to be revealed, and all it takes is an intense burning desire to change, and then the answer will appear.

I see a need to carry the message, and be a messenger,

Sharing my experience, strength, and hope with whoever is reaching out for help. 

This is an opportunity to show how anyone can begin being transformed, or continue renewing their minds, for being all they ever imagined themselves to be.

This is going to be a really awesome journey together!

I Am ready for more, are you?


Truth is the beginning of knowledge. Without truth, we would only know uncertainty.

This website will be a lot things for people, and for different reasons.

The purpose and goal for this website is sharing truth that will become like seeds that grow, and produce something for others to enjoy as well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



8 thoughts on “About Your Host

  1. Hi Patrick, first of all I could totally relate on the cycle and patterns that you mentioned above, secondly when you spoke of the fact that you are desiring for change, that’s exactly what I am going through right now. I can relate to this and I thought it’s like you put the right words and thoughts that sometimes an individual cannot even describe. This is excellent writing by the way very captivating. I will definitely be following you on this mind-set.

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you for the encouraging words and sharing about your journey right now. There is something powerful about being present with a burning desire for change, imagining desires or who you would like to be from the end already completed, instead of just focusing about what the end might be. When we say that “I will be or I will have” is an indication of not being or having yet, but stating “I Am” is both present and complete. Keep believing and persist in your 2020 vision!

  2. I can certainly relate to what you are saying. For many years I was pushing, chasing, achieving, gaining, losing what I had gained (self-fulfilling prophecies associated with beliefs) and then doing it all over again. And it didn’t matter what I did or had I still felt an emptiness. I eventually hit a wall and thought “I can’t go on like this, there has to be a different way”. But, I have to say I was absolutely spent and the idea of “doing” more to fix me and everything in my life that wasn’t right just felt like more of the same and was repellant. I first had to give myself permission to stop. No-one will ever tell anyone to do that. We live in a society where doing more is praised and highly valued. But, we have to realise (know) that we will never be able to do enough for us, anything else or anyone to be enough. Everything can change when we realise who we are beyond the mind (that keeps us suffering). When we can cannect to our being (which has been obscured by our thoughts) everything comes and a peace and joy sets in. It is here that our experience of life is transformed and sustainable change occurs. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you

  3. Hey Patrick, I just had to drop you a line to tell you, I think your website ROCKS! Sorry I haven’t read any of your other articles yet apart from this post but, I cannot wait to get on to them.

    My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw your audio section. Neville Goddard is one of my favorite people to listen too on YouTube amongst others.

    I’ve bookmarked your website in Pocket, I will be coming back to check out your posts often. Keep up the great work my friend.

    • Thank you Justin. I appreciate your encouraging support, and consider you a new friend! I learned about NG after listening to Dr. Dyer. It was like the missing piece to my spiritual understanding. I am looking forward to adding more audio as I have over 200 of his text lectures that I would like to convert into an audio format as I read them. My plan is to offer lots of self help products for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Not everything will be NG, but then again I did not start with NG either. My own journey first started with a burning desire to change… and then the way appeared. (Isn’t that classic NG?)

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