Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Examining Present Reality
First realize that you are creating what the senses say is your physical reality. Your perceptions and strong feelings have made impressions upon the subconscious mind, which have manifested the results in your physical reality experience. This knowing alone is enough to give pause, and stir a desire to reflect on what has been created in our circumstances.   Let’s go deeper, and I will guide you through the change your mindset change your life process.

Desire For Change is Essential
Is there something you would like to change about your circumstances or state of mind right now? If so, I am saying it is not impossible to make changes starting from this very moment. How are you desiring to be? What state of mind would you like to have? What would you like to attract into your life?
How would you be feeling in those realities, if those desires were true right now?

Real Life Experiences to Learn From
Somebody recently shared with me about how they were experiencing a toxic environment in a relationship.
Having a natural desire for being empathetic, I wanted to provide a quick solution to ease their burden. I started thinking and wondering about situations in my own life when I had such difficulties. I observed how I had perceived things as being, and what actually made them true or not true at the moment I had been focused on them.
It was always my perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, and strong feelings about whatever it was, that made whatever it was, the reality I was experiencing.

The Solution Observed
What I have since learned to practice doing in such moments is something that I recall hearing Dr. Wayne Dyer say.
In summary, he made a simple observation. “Why would you want to continue focusing your Thinking of something with a negative outcome, when it may or may not be true, and the only Possible way for it to change was how you were thinking about it? Because if you keep focusing on the negative outcome, or present feeling of negativity, you are closing yourself off from the Only possibility for changing what may or may not be true.”
That is so powerful, and liberating!
In other words, if the only way that you have available to change something is the concept of yourself, and your perception and feeling of what is going on, why would you focus with intentional feeling on the negative outcome instead of a positive one?
Think about it.
The feeling or outcome may or may not be true presently, or become true in the future. …. So, why would anyone keep inviting the outcome you don’t want to become true, instead of focusing on the outcome you desire?
Are you ready to believe it is possible to change an outcome by changing the feelings and concept of yourself?

Looking From Another Perspective
Here is another way to think of it. Imagine yourself being the person that I shared a story like this with. You would observe what was being said by me, and not being personally attached to my outcome, or present circumstances, and be in a relaxed state to provide me guidance. You might even say something like “Hey this may or may not be true about what you say is going on, because I’m not personally experiencing it, but I do know that in order to have a different outcome, you cannot wait For some external change from somebody else to determine whether you are going to feel differently about the situation.”
What if the next time you noticed yourself in a particularly negative situation or state of mind, and remembered to use the example above. First become the detached observer of your own thoughts, and feelings, instead of the one experiencing them. Then, from that relaxed state of mind, begin to form the desired outcome, and intensely feel the feelings you would have if what you desired was already fulfilled in your physical reality.

What is Reality?
Consciousness, and our state of awareness is the only reality. The only way I have to change any outcome of a situation, or the present feelings of my circumstances, is by changing the perception of my present reality, and feeling it already completed from the end of the desire I wish for… this is the secret to success.
Then why is it that we are not able to really experience this continually, and have all that we desire? I believe the answer is simply summarized by a couple of Jim Rohn quotes. “Success is Easy, But so is Neglect.” and “What is Simple to Do, is Just as Simple Not to Do.”

Time to Change
So, if you desire for any situation or feeling to be changed, then you have to change the concept of the reality within yourself first, and then you will experience in your physical reality what it is you truly desire.
Sticking with the example above. If you have a toxic relationship that you’re dealing with and you are saying that it’s because they are being a certain way, and you are allowing that to resonate and vibrate within yourself as being true, then that is what you will continue to experience…. A toxic relationship. In this reality nothing will change unless they change.
The only way to change this perceived reality is to change the concept of the reality within yourself first, and then you will experience the flow of peace, love and goodness that is your desire. Waiting for some external change to occur may or may not happen, and leaves you powerless to become or have what you desire.
Focus your attention with strong intentional feelings on the state of being you desire, instead of what is going on with somebody else, or with only the expectation of feeling differently once they change first.
Become the Observer who says, “Hey, I’m not personally attached to this, and I’m observing from the outside. So, there is no way for me to know with certainty what may or may not be true….but here’s what I would do.”
Take that same approach within yourself and then decide you are going to imagine for yourself what it is you really desire to feel… and feel that intensely.
This practice is not just for toxic relationships either. Practice this for everything you desire to be, or attract into your life. A deeper understanding and connection with life? A new level mindset? A better job? More money?

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Whatever your desire is… create the outcome from within yourself first. Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.


8 thoughts on “Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

  1. This is a powerful read. I stopped and re-read the following a few times, because it is so true, and a very strong message as well: if I change the perception of my present reality and I am already seeing or feeling the outcome from the end of the desire I wish for, I change my reality. That one stuck with me. Not being personally attached to outward circumstances or other people’s behaviors liberates you from them, from being dragged down by them, and it gives you a new and your own perspective. I understand now how it helps change your reality. Very eye-opening post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Christine.  Thank you!  Your beautiful comment sums up everything written in the article.   Such powerful brevity carries the value of Gold… and God.  I am greatly appreciative of your warm regards for all the verbosity.  You are Awesome!  

  2. This article is great for anyone who needs help knowing where to start. I am in this same field and finding that there are so many feeling the negative rather than the positive.  We all need to love ourselves more and make better choices in positive ways.  You offer sound information and your site gives a very calming experience.  I enjoyed reading and look forward to reading future content in the future.  

  3. Hello Patrick,

    Our mind is a great power house, when we focus on positive result we get success and likewise when we think failing we get failure. I love the way you explain it, “why would anyone keep inviting the outcome you don’t want”.
    We must concentrate on what we want, see it constantly and make it work from our mind. As a freelance writer I have seen it in my business over and over again

    • Greetings Parameter!  Such inspirational insights!  Thank you for providing your experience with this powerful reality.  I would love to read some of your work.  

  4. Hello Patrick! Thank you for sharing this amazing and inspirational article, indeed it’s life changing. I completely agree with you, the mindset is the bedrock of every dream that will surely come to pass.

    I think I need to start building a strong conviction about what I desire. This article has changed my life, thank you!

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