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Personal Philosophies

In previous articles we have explored topics ranging from The secret to manifesting all desires, and How to change your mindset today.  Although these are key parts of being who you desire to be, and attracting what is desired into our life, there is still that something within each of us that drives passion to pursue a purpose.  How to find the purpose of life means first discovering the importance of developing a personal philosophy, which will determine the course of your life.

Attention and intention to any belief is essentially the ‘why’ behind your actions. It is why you do the things you do. It is who you want to be. It is the motivating force behind your behaviors.  When belief is not present, or misaligned from your highest self, you have no real sense of direction or purpose.

Without a personal philosophy, you are adrift without a paddle, wandering aimlessly through the circumstances of life.  You become uncertain about who you are, or what to do with the many opportunities presented to you.

Envision Yourself Being

Having a vision rooted from within your personal philosophy provides purpose, and purpose empowers hope to be a certainty, rather than just a wish that might come true.

Begin with simply observing yourself first thing when you wake up. How do you greet the day? Do you notice awakening with thoughts and words of grumbling or gratitude?  Your reaction to the morning is driven and defined by your personal philosophy.

The envisioning of what you will experience each day is directly connected with action guided by your personal philosophy. Nelson Mandela once said, “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”

This suggests that in order to be truly effective we need an actionable personal philosophy for our lives.  If your desire is to move forward and find the purpose of life, then the following actionable steps will be helpful.  They may appear as a big challenge, but developing a personal philosophy that guides you in life is easier than you may believe.

What Are Your Beliefs?

Our beliefs, or personal philosophies, influence the way we experience life. What we believe often informs your desires and actions, so it’s important to reflect on your beliefs and how they impact the future you are envisioning for yourself.

The importance of determining your personal philosophies cannot be understated. They are rooted in the essence of your being, and are able to determine the effect of your actions.

Pursue being attentive with intention on a vision that aligns with your beliefs, so you will not have to experience internal conflict or a lack of peace. When your beliefs are accounted for and incorporated in your vision, you can ensure a future that allows you the fulfilling experience of true joy and peace.

Whenever you find yourself adrift, or wandering aimlessly looking for purpose, refocus attention with intention on your beliefs.

What Do You Want?

Begin by first observing this in yourself. Are you expecting great things from yourself, and do you believe yourself worthy and capable of achieving what you desire?

One key to developing a vision for your life is to assess what you want from life. When considering this you may ask yourself questions such as: “Who do I desire to be?” “What is my ultimate goal for myself?” “What kind of statement do I want my life to make?”

These kinds of questions will help you narrow down what you want for yourself. It’s also important to assess any outside influences (peers, family, media, etc.) that might have caused you to develop a vision that does not align with who you are.

Ultimately, this is your life and you should be the person calling the shots. You are the creator of your experiences, and knowing this with certainty requires attention and intention to your beliefs.

What Are You Passionate About?

The things we are passionate about are often the things we love to do and the things that bring us joy. Thus, it is natural to insinuate that our visions for our lives would incorporate our passions in some manner.

Consider questions like:

“What makes me feel most at peace?”

“What gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment?”

“What brings me the greatest feeling of joy?”

Answering these questions will help you to discover those things that add value to your life and those things that allow you to express yourself in the most authentic way. The truest test is observing how these passions align with your personal philosophies and what you envision for yourself to be.

What Are your Talents?

Often, the things you are talented at are also associated with things you passionately believe in. But even in instances where this is not the case, talents can still help guide a vision for your life. The logical thinking is that if you are naturally gifted at a particular skill, you were given that talent for a reason. Consider how your talents add value to your life and others, and also align with your beliefs.

Something Dr. Wayne Dyer said can be of great benefit for evaluating any focus you have on your talents, and how they relate to your beliefs.

He said, “I am a human being, not a human doing. Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life. You aren’t what you do. If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t.”

Talents are an important part of doing, but not always grounded in being, so remember to keep this in perspective, especially when engaged with talents that are not aligned with your personal philosophies.

What Matters Most to You?

This may be one of the most important parts of creating a vision for what you want from life. It goes without saying that what matters most to you is typically very closely tied to what you want from life.

If family matters most to you your vision for your future will likely involve having a family of your own.  If your career matters most to you then your vision for the future will likely center around professional achievements.

The point is that by narrowing down what matters to you, and seeing these desires rooted from your personal beliefs, enables you to better outline who you desire to be, and what you want in your life.

So it’s time to get clear about what you want from life. The only way you can move beyond a vision and into actual fruition is to first clearly establish the beliefs that will guide you in the direction of the life you want.

Developing personal philosophies will equip you to create goals that insure your vision succeeds, and you’ll be better motivated to stay the course when life tries to throw you a curve ball. How to find purpose of life begins with what you believe.

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14 thoughts on “Find the Purpose of Life

  1. Hi Patrick; I liked your post. Unfortunately, it comes too late for me. Now I’m trapped in a trap and trying to escape. Throughout my life, besides the profession I practiced, I loved cats a lot. So I had a lot. I still have. But it’s the only thing I have in common with my husband. As a result, I created a site where I try to help people, especially young people, with advice on cats.

    • Hi Carmen!  I am so glad you posted this comment.  I can totally relate to your mindset.  I remember when my thinking felt trapped and it was too late for me to change.  Something happened that allowed me to believe what I thought was beyond my ability to become.  I felt a burning desire mixed with belief to see myself as I desired to be.  However you choose to believe will determine what happens next.  If you think you can change, or you think you cannot change…. you are right.  You may find value in reading from my mindset category.  Let me know what your next steps will be!

  2. Hi Patrick

    Thank you very much for an interesting  articles and it is a question that everybody has at one time or another. You are right it does depend on your beliefs  and philosophies as to why you were place here on earth to do. I personally  believe that the most important is the journey and not the destination  in that seeking the answer to the question is much more important  than the answer  itself. We tend to be our best when we seek and our worse when we know. It is better to not know for certain. 

    Do you think that knowing your purpose in life can cause you to become arrogant?



    • Hi Antonio!  Thank you for such an insightful perspective.  If humility and Love is at the core of a persons personal philosophy, then such beliefs would not be in the practice of expressing arrogance.  I believe we were created to experience certainty in the midst of uncertainty.  We have been taught to believe that our body is who we are, and that we are just humans having a spiritual experience.  I believe that in reality we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and there is a spiritual solution for any problem, or desire.  You may enjoy reading this article  –

  3. I have a little bit of experience with manifestation, I like the quote that you offered. “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world.” This is absolutely true, however, it goes deeper than that. the thought is 99.8% of manifestation. Napoleon Hill once said, “you get what you think about most of the time”. and Kevin Trudeau said it best with “you need to feel the best you can feel right now”. feel better now. If you are in the right frame of mind and stay positive with a burning desire of what you want and think about it all the time. then you can manifest anything and everything that you desire. Thank you for writing this great article.

  4. Great post. Very interesting! Yes, vision is so important to have in order to achieve our goals and move forward in life. Otherwise we’re just wandering aimlessly without real purpose and may not end up getting anywhere. It’s not always easy to focus, but writing things down and searching deep within really helps to know yourself better and what’s important to you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    • Hi Carl!  I am so glad you mentioned this very important tip!  Jotting things down, or keeping a journal, is important part of getting clear on your philosophies.  Even recording your thoughts on your phone is a great way to keep them fresh.  I drive a lot, so for me, it is always difficult to write and drive when the thoughts are there, and a lot of inspiring thoughts arrive while I am driving.  I like to take those moments and record them, and then review, or even transcribe them later.

  5. This post poses a tough question to me. Firstly because I feel that I have not realized my destined potential and I am adrift as you say without a paddle.

    I have met a professor that posed similar questions to what you have said here, and it boils down to what you have been placed on earth to do. It’s definitely not being forced to something you don’t like but rather what brings you passion in life.

    I perceive that letting go and just let circumstances be will be my new approach to finding purpose in life. What is your view on that?

    There are so many influencers as well, especially people who have their wisdom on what to do or how to solve a problem that you rarely get the right answer.

    • Hi Ian!  I am so glad you were so transparent with your thoughts.  I believe you are right where you are supposed to be!  Letting go and just let circumstances be is one way to describe being detached from the outcome, and you are right about that.  The first part that is also important is making sure to clearly define and put into the universe what it is that you Do Want!  Here is something to consider.  What we focus on expands, and if we focus on nothing, then nothing is what we will have in return.  No ideas, no inspiration, no goals, no reasons, no purposes.  I believe we have many purposes, and were designed to experience and grow as spiritual beings.  A great insights that was revealed to me is seeing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings having a spiritual awakening.  As spiritual beings, we find ourselves awake in this physical form that is limited…. but we are created as unlimited beings… so we face many challenges in learning how to expand out of this physically limited form… look…there is a lot left to learn about who we are…and you are on your way!  I hope you will let me know about your progress, and what next steps you take.  Check out this article I wrote about manifesting… I think you may enjoy listening to the audio version of it also..

  6. Towards the end of my teen years, I found myself questioning my purpose in life as I was yet to find it. It was only until a few years ago that discovered that my purpose was to help others be there best version and create a great life for themselves.

    I think its important to think in the long term, its so easy when your young to be naive but you really have to open up your mind and think about the bigger picture only then will you understand your sole purpose.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hi Josh!  Purpose is meaning, and that is what you have created for your life!  Having a mindset to serve others and bring value to help them become the best version of themselves is such an incredible feeling.  I envision everyone having this desire and find themselves waking up each morning with a sense of purpose like you described for yourself.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer said…”You can either be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego.”  If we all learned to stop the EGO ((Edging God Out))… our human experiences would be much different.

  7. Hi there

    Every day when I wake up, I ask myself what I am passionate about, and the sad thing is that I don’t know:) I hope one day I will, at least before I die. One thing I am very proud of and say thank you to God every day is for my children.

    However, I do feel that I love many things, how can I do to know what I love the most? It’s very confusing ll this:)

    Are there exercise you would suggest doing? 

    Thank you for this inspiring post!

    • Hi Daniella!  I really appreciate your interest and passion for finding your purpose.  You are already a step ahead of so many people.  Instead of waking up and saying Good God it’s morning… You awaken to saying Good Morning God!  I know how overwhelming the understanding of living your purpose can be.  Welcome the journey… become curious about it…and remember that finding your purpose begins with what you believe…and continues with what you choose to create … Being grateful is an excellent example of expressing your belief and your purpose!  Each person is a specially designed creation…and each of us is here to learn, grow, and fulfill many purposes.  Focusing to find the one purpose may mean missing the many purposes we have the opportunity to become part of every day.  We need new ideas in order to find our purposes… this means that we allow ourselves to become transformed by the renewing of our mind to understanding these new ideas.  I wrote an article that could be helpful to your journey and finding how to create the purpose, or anything you desire.  I believe we are more than what we see…this human form is what we inhabit…. I believe we are not really human beings looking for a spiritual experience or understanding…but really spiritual beings learning from our human experience about growing our spiritual understanding in spite of our human limitations.  Check out this article..I also recorded it so you can just listen to it if you like…

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