What is the Secret To Manifesting – All Desires

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What is Manifesting?

You may be familiar with the term “acting as if” or its cousin, “fake it ‘til you make it.” Both sentiments reflect a principle of manifestation, which is using your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to create the life that you want and to accomplish your goals. The difference between the two thoughts is that one is focused on a knowing with certainty, and the other is a hopeful daydream. If you are wondering what is the secret to manifesting all desires, keep reading.

Manifesting is best described, and understood simply as, when your inward private thoughts, beliefs, dreams, or desires, become visible to everyone, including yourself, by having taken on the eventual actuality of some physical form.

Think of manifesting in two parts, or phases, as when we were first created being an example, to guide your understanding.

This will help explain how what is created inwardly from thoughts, beliefs, dreams, or desires, are the original first real beginnings of the reality that is eventually formed into being, and become part of our physical reality.

First, Inside the womb our formation begins, but is not visible to the physical world yet (without special equipment to see it)…. But we were still real in there, as we were being formed.

We will call this first phase manifesting, and these are your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, or desires.

Then there was our birth into our physical form as the second reality. This is the visible completed work of what was being formed in the womb. We will consider this as our second phase manifesting.

This is when what was our first phase manifesting reality from what we have thought, believed, dreamed, or desired, now takes on physical form and becomes our circumstances. Also known as all the people, places, and things of our daily living.

Now, this may be something you believe to be true or not, but either wittingly, or unwittingly, this is a great way of understanding what manifesting is, and helps to understand how all that is happening in our lives is happening.

Assuming Your Desire Is Already Fulfilled – Act As If

So now we have a good foundation for understanding what manifesting is. The truth of manifesting is simple yet profound. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Instead of chasing a daydream for what you want with a fake it ‘til you make it attitude, you instead act as if it has already been realized.

You first learn to BE the thing that you desire in your life.

When you do, you can unleash the real power of manifestation and the law of attraction to help you actually achieve it.

Here’s how.

How Assuming “As If” Can Change Your Life

Whatever it is you cultivate or embody in your life inwardly, you will see this reflected in your lived existence, and manifested in your physical reality. This is the Law of Attraction. That which you put out into the world from within returns to you.

In other words, what is apparent in our daily lives is in reality just a reflection of what we have manifested inwardly for ourselves and others, either wittingly, or unwittingly.

A great start is to Begin observing all of your thoughts and words that are originating with “I Am”

“I am” happy, successful, wealthy, at peace, or sad, excited, frustrated, unable to do something, never going to get there, so upset.. (you get the idea}…

So the point is, you will begin to notice that when you start to act as if your dreams have come true, as if your life has everything that you want or need, then you will soon see that you actually have these things.

When you act as if, or “I Am”, you adopt the mindset, behaviors, and habits of someone who has attained their goals. And, when you do this, you change your mental perceptions, you open yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities, and you see ways to realize your dreams that you had previously ignored or been blind to.

Those people who act as if they are full of confidence, for example, are perceived by others to be confident and therefore treated differently. When you perform as if you are knowledgeable and successful, people will listen to you and follow your lead. When you act as if you are healthy and active, you start treating your body in ways that nurture your well-being.

While this may seem like a trick, it is harnessing the power of your mind. These are psychological rules that govern our species to change how we perceive the world and how others see and judge you. This is a powerful, awakening force of truth for realizing your dreams and getting what you want. This is the essential part of, what is the secret to manifesting all desires.

How to Act As If

Step 1: Speak Like Someone Who Has What They Want

How you speak to others, react to the world, and talk to yourself are all helping you to realize your goals. Changing your words to reflect your “as if” reality is crucial. It transforms your self-talk and changes how you answer other people’s questions or requests. Speak the part of someone in authority, with confidence, and who is thriving by their own measures, and it will change the trajectory of your life.

Step 2: Act Like You’ve Already Achieved It

Whatever it is you want in life, you must act like you have already realized this goal. That means behaving in ways that someone in that position would behave.

Write down a list of behaviors you would expect from someone who has realized your particular dream. Then, start acting the part.

Do this all the time, in all that you do. Act as if your goal has already come to pass and see how it changes how you see the world and how others see you.

Step 3. Believe in Your Role

You are currently developing inwardly a character to be portrayed in the theater of life, this role will soon become a manifested reality, so you must believe in yourself and the energy that is making this come true. Believe that you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Without this confidence and faith, your efforts to manifest anything will be unsuccessful. Love yourself and invest in yourself by being willing to commit to your new life and dreams.

Acting as if your dreams have come true can help them to materialize. Following these three simple steps will help you manifest whatever goal you may have.

“I Am” is the secret to manifesting by assuming that your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and desires, are already fulfilled.

8 thoughts on “What is the Secret To Manifesting – All Desires

  1. Thank you for showing me one of the ways to make my dreams reality. It’s very profound and has me convinced that I can actually do this with serious effort. If I start behaving intelligently that means acting the way I see smart people act. It’s usually with dignity and class. I can act with dignity and care. It will motivate me to read and study more, which is all part of getting smarter, anyway. I’ll always have a book on hand. If I read instead of play games on my phone, I can achieve this.

    • Hi Cathy!  Really excellent points!  Thank you for sharing this insightful key.  You are so right  … behaving”as if” we already are, or have what we desire, is as much a part of the manifesting process as when we first visualize and feel the feelings of having already achieved our desired state of being, or possessing that which we are attracting into our life.  I believe you are not only on your way, but have already arrived!  

      You may also find this other article I wrote about the interactions of the conscious and subconscious minds interesting…. Enjoy!  https://www.newlevelmindset.com/how-to-change-your-mindset-today/

  2. This is absolutely true my mom always preached 3 things like clock work. Law of attraction, karma, and manifesting ones life. This is a great article and rings so close to my heart. I tru to out this in action along with the other 2 everyday. My life has been a good one for the most part and i truly believe it has everything to do with these 3 principles.

    ill be sharing this so more people know what manifesting is and how important it can be! Thank you for some afternoon inspiration!

    • HI Denton.  Thank you for sharing your positive energy!  I know you are right, and also on the right track to having all your wishes fulfilled.  I really appreciate your confirming that these principles are working in your life, and will work for anyone who is ready to believe and experience the transformation in their own thinking.  I wrote another article that you may find helpful to share also… it is about the interaction between the conscious and subconscious mind… Enjoy!  

  3. Hello,

    I love this article because to speaks directly to me!

    I am the kind of person that always complains about the things that I do not have and I often feel like I’m not getting anywhere in life.

    Hopefully, manifesting will be with my goal of changing my perspective and start saying “I am” and act like I am successful maybe it will help me achieve my goals easier.

    Great article thanks!   

    • Hi Michael,  Thank you for the kind words, and sharing your experience.  I know what a challenge it is to practice ways that will make transforming our thinking a certainty, and not just something we hope for.  I know for me, the lessons I need will keep appearing until the transformation becomes a fixed reality…. but I need to keep focused on thinking and feeling from the end of the being I desire to be…  Thank you for reminding me that I am what I think about all day long, and what I focus on expands….it is so true!  I also wrote another article about the interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind you may find helpful…  https://www.newlevelmindset.com/how-to-change-your-mindset-today/

  4. This is very interesting and a much deeper way of delving into what truly is manifesting. How, though, can the people and places that surround us in our daily living after we are born be a part of manifesting if they are not what we actively chose? I mean, at that stage we are still too young to manifest, aren’t we? That’s what I don’t understand. 

    “I am” is powerful. Those two words in itself are strong and powerful enough, even without what follows behind it. I will use manifestations beginnig with “I am” more often now. It would be good, I need it at the moment. The mind and body work closely together, which is the power of the mind, isn’t it?

    Very thought provoking post, I loved reading it!

    • Hi Christine, Thank you for the kind comments and insightful questions.  I took some time to reflect and consider what you were asking.  The answer may seem very simplistic, but I believe there is always a spiritual solution for every problem, and this may be an answer that helps make a way to proceed with certainty and faith in the process.  Thinking of all the different plants and animals created… they each are with their own purpose, but they are also placed in certain climates and conditions that cause them to thrive….and some plants especially would not survive if planted in other climates or conditions.  perhaps we are not dissimilar in that, we also required all that happened for us in our lives … even from birth…so that we could grow and thrive toward our purposes.  I think this is why Dr. Dyer talks about taking responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives…by surrendering and embracing all of it…. because, we as being connected with our source from the beginning…did take part in choosing our purposes, and the conditions we needed to grow and thrive… and since we are really spiritual beings having a human experience… we are on a journey back to our beginning in infinity … not to an end… and our spiritual being knew what we would require to thrive in this human experience, and develop our spiritual selves.  I also wrote an article about the conscious and subconscious mind … I think you will enjoy it… you can check it out here.  https://www.newlevelmindset.com/how-to-change-your-mindset-today/

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