The Law of Attraction Secret – Works Every Time

The Law of Attraction Works Every Time

The Law of Attraction is simplified by stating that like attracts like. If you want to succeed and live your dreams, you can use the Law of Attraction to help manifest your desires. The Law of Attraction helps the universe bring you fulfillment and makes your dreams come true. Right now, you came here to learn the law of attraction secret, and this post is going to give you the answer.

The law of attraction is not Karma, but the two are often used interchangeably.  However, Karma is different.  Karma is the idea that what actions and words you share with others, or inflict upon others, will be returned to you 3 or 7-fold.

On the other hand, the Law of Attraction is the idea that you would use the inner power of your being to make your dreams take form in your real and daily life.

To be more specific.

Because the Law of Attraction is simple yet profound, you need to be sure to align your thoughts and beliefs with what you truly desire to manifest, because doubt, fear, and worry will only attract those issues back to you.

Think about it this way. What you focus on expands.

When you are continuously thinking or speaking about what is lacking or missing in your life, then that is what ends up being what you continue attracting into your life.

Contrarily, when you persistently focus on the abundance in your life, and are expressing gratitude for all that abundance, then you will continue to attract that into your life.

This requires a suspension of disbelief when feelings or thoughts of doubt or fear appear.

The easiest way to help describe what suspending your disbelief means, is asking you to think about the last great movie you watched that had a lot of unbelievable, sensational, beyond reality, special effects, and yet somehow you enjoyed the film anyway.

That is because you were able to suspend your disbelief. In the same way, open your heart and mind to absorbing the truth about the secret to having all your wishes fulfilled, and enjoy the journey.

Begin here as you continue reading, and allow yourself to suspend any disbelief so you can make the shift to a new level mindset. As you develop a new way of believing, thinking, and speaking, your manifesting will appear more readily.

Patience and persistence are both important keys to the law of attraction secret. When you are already certain of the outcome for what you have believed to be true, infinite patience is not burdensome.

 How to Use the Law of Attraction Secret?

You can use the Law of attraction intentionally for good or even evil intent: (But I wouldn’t want to mess with Karma, so let’s focus on purposes of good.)

• Making Your Thoughts and Dreams Clear

• Taking Action

• Being Positive

Are you ready?

Making Your Thoughts and Dream Clear

If you send mixed signals to the universe about what you want, the universe will send you mixed blessings. You can only manifest what you send out because the Law of Attraction brings it back to you. Making your thoughts and dreams clear gives the universe the right road map to send you your dreams.

Consider the dream of having more money. What do you define as “more?”

Your dream needs to be specific for the universe to grant your desire. The Law of Attraction will bring you more, but if you haven’t defined what more is to you, the Law of Attraction is left to answer your blessing vaguely.

If what you want is to have enough money for a vacation, setting your intention for only “more money” may not fulfill your dream.

The law of attraction secret in this example is powerful, and involves your thinking about your desire already fulfilled from the end, and not about it. In other words, let your focus of attention not be on a certain amount of money, or even more money… but focus in your imagination something that would imply that your wish or desire had already become a reality, while also associating the actual feelings of that reality in your imagination as well.

If you would like to learn more about this idea, or have questions, leave me a comment below.

Taking Action

Now you’ve set a clear intention for your desire, seen it completed from the end, and felt the feeling of it being fulfilled.

Now it is time to continue thinking, and acting, knowing that the blessing is yours. Don’t wait for your dream to manifest. Live every day, believing the Law of Attraction is working to help you. Too often, people ask the universe for something but don’t act toward their goal.

Because the Law of Attraction is like attracts like, the changes you need in your life come when you take action to manifest your dreams.

Imagine your intention is to have a group of good friends to spend time with and do activities together. If you keep to yourself, don’t engage with other people, and ignore invitations to events, the Law of attraction can only bring you more of the same.

Your actions determine what the Law of Attraction can provide. To have a good group of friends, you need to be open to meeting new people and act like a good friend.

Remain Being in a Positive Mindset

Have you ever watched an ant hill? The ants are scurrying about with lots of intention and activity. Our own thoughts can seem like ANTS too (Automatic Negative Thoughts) … Like attract like, right? Then negativity attracts negativity, and positive thoughts and actions attract positive manifestations. If you doubt, worry, or fear your success, the universe will not grant you your dreams. The negative thoughts and emotions you send out will come back to you through the Law of Attraction, and you won’t feel or believe you have received your desires.

A good example is sending out an intention for the perfect hairstyle for yourself. The Law of Attraction can grant you this desire, but not if you aren’t positive that the change will fulfill your dream. If you doubt that people will like your new hairstyle, or worry you aren’t pretty enough, that is exactly the response you will get from the universe.

The law of attraction secret in these last two examples is that real action and positive mindset comes from our persistent attention to the idea of envisioning our desire already being fulfilled.

When we are faced with decisions to take physical effort to do something, or to observe some thoughts … ask yourself “Is what I Am about to do, or think, aligned with whatever desire I have imagined being already fulfilled?

The Law of Attraction Secret

The secret is woven into the truths you have been reading here. Looking even more intently into that idea … ask yourself right now … who is reading these words? …. Think of what your answer might be?

You will answer yourself this way. “I Am”

Think about how profound those two words actually are. Using the Law of Attraction secret clearly, positively, actively, and wisely makes it possible to manifest all your true desires.

“I Am” is the law of attraction secret.

The law of attraction has the power to affect your life in a multitude of ways. Whether you put conscious effort into it or not, you feel the effects. When you have a conscious understanding of realizing that you are creating your own realities, there is an awakening that takes place.

Whether we’re talking about your love life, the relationships you have with your significant others, the status of your bank accounts, building wealth, feeling anxiety or confidence, navigating the hurdles of your mental and physical health, your physical weight, and even dealing with other people, the law of attraction secret begins, and ends with “I Am.

10 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction Secret – Works Every Time

  1. This is so inspirational and i shall be bookmarking this for future reference! I have always believed 100% in Karma, but had never really understood the law of attraction. I will be putting thus in effect starting today. I tend to dwell on the bad things that occur. I know i shouldn’t and then more negatives happen. I’m starting to believe its the law of attraction in effect!

    This read is going to be my focus for today, my goal is to put the law of attraction into effect to better my life and my family’s thank you so much for this incredible post! 

    • Greetings Denton!  Thank you for sharing such awesome good vibes!  I am going to be embracing your energy and feeling that throughout my day!  I would recommend having a listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer for even more inspiration and in depth experience with these ideas.  

  2. I strongly believe that a positive mindset is the most important factor in whether we succeed at something or not. I also agree with you, that the biggest thing that holds most of us back from fulfilling our potential is the nagging doubts we have about our worthiness, and the automatic negative thoughts we all have to fight. Being clear and specific in our desires, and our reasons for them, is also crucial. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • Greetings!  Thank you for sharing such encouraging thoughts., and reminding me about areas where raising my awareness will benefit me.  “I am” is a powerful tool that I use to practice catching myself in those positive, or negative patterns.  

  3. Hello, 

    I have know about the law of attraction since many years ago. The problem was that I would attract bad things in my life by thinking about them. But in the same time a lot of times in my life it has worked towards positive stuff too. But  have not fully mastered it yet. I think planning and tacking action is the most effective part of it. I also like the last part of your article. It starts with I will, it’s true. If you feel that you are something you can start manifesting everything which is “already yours” 🙂 It was very uplifting to read your article. Thank you!

    • Greetings.  Thank you for sharing your experience with the Law of Attraction in your life.  As I read through your comments, I thought about occasions when I experienced similar results in my own life, and how, like yourself, find myself still a work in progress  I have learned that what we focus on does expand, and we become what we think about all day long.  That by thinking and feeling scarcity, bad outcomes, and what I do not want, or to be, in my life, actually results in attracting that which I did not desire.  Keep focusing intentionally from the end of whatever your desired outcome is… and feel the feeling that you would have with that desire already fulfilled.  All that becomes physical reality originates from “I Am” …. whatever you desire.  You may enjoy reading about how the conscious mind interacts with the subconscious mind in the this article here

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about The Law of Attraction Secret. I love reading your article.  I can succeed with this information through living the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction will help me to express my desires and dreams. These laws will help the universe to change me and make my dreams come true.  I enjoyed reading your article and found valuable information. I will share your article with my friends so that my friends can benefit from reading your article. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you again

    • Greetings!  Thank you for expressing such a strong desire to dive into practicing the law of attraction!  By knowing with certainty that our desires are already fulfilled, we live the life we desire.

  5. Hello, Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about The Law of Attraction Secret. I love reading your article.  I can succeed with this information through living the Law of Attraction. I also like the last part of your article. It starts with I will, it’s true. If you feel that you are something you can start manifesting everything

    • Hi Deepanshi.  Thank you for the kind words…I Am glad you enjoyed reading the article.  Yes, you can succeed!  Feeling is the key to manifesting all that you desire.  Enjoy your journey, and all the abundance coming your way!

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